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The Church Micro Series

The largest series anywhere in the world.

By sadexploration

Web site by BaSHful

Welcome to the official Church Micro web site. Here you should be able to find out everything there is to know about this magnificent series. Please contact me (BaSHful) if you think there is something I've not mentioned or you have a suggestion for how the web site might be enhanced and I will do my best to accomodate you. The site consists of these following sections.


These are for the UK series only. Sister series (see below) for other countries are responsible for producing their own statistics.

The main page contains finder and owner ranking tables plus information about placed caches and a selection of top ten tables. The page is updated approximately weekly. There are also statistics produced for each "Church Micro Day" (see below).

There is also the Cumulative Live Church Micro Caches which is produced monthly.

Statistics Notes

Information on how the statistics are produced and what to do if you think there's an issue that needs resolving.


This is my award:-

This section tells you how to display your own award and about the variations possible.

The data file that drives the awards may be viewed here.

There is also a user script, developed by James Inge, also a GeoCacher, to automatically display the award on Geocaching.com. It will display your own badge in the stats bar section of your Profile page (geocaching.com/my/) and other people's badges under the photos on their profile pages (unless they were already on the page). On the listing pages for Church Micro caches, it will show both your badge and the hider's. It also shows basic find statistics on the Your Friends page (geocaching.com/my/myfriends.aspx). Clicking on the badge will take you to the main Church Micro Series statistics page. Download/install. If you need help try the Userscript Beginners HOWTO page.

Place your own

Anyone is welcome to add to the series. This page contains all the information you need to do this.


It was only a matter of time before someone started setting challenges based on Church Micros and this page lists all the ones we know about. Please let me know if I've missed any.


A list of significant dates. Feedback particularly welcome on how this section could be improved.


A list of trackables associated with the Church Micro series. Very much a work in progress. Please let me know of any that need adding.

Church Micro Day

Celebrating the anniversaries of the publication of the first Church Micro.


A list of caches that have been archived and no replacement published.


Anything and everything that doesn't fit anywhere else!


Yes, we have our very own facebook page - "A group for all Geocachers with a particular interest and love for Church Micros.".


This series would not be what it is today without the bookmark lists (see below) meticulously maintained by Andy33.

The statistics page would not be as rich without the sterling work put in by Sean of the Flookfinders.

The award is much enhanced thanks to the beautiful artwork of Lorna Mulligan.


The Geocaching Association of Great Britain (GAGB) did a major article on the series in their Issue 11: November 2012 edition.

The Podcache Show Episode Nineteen was published on Thursday, 4 April 2013 and is mostly devoted to the series.

SadExploration - Geocacher of the Month - May 2014.

The Geocaching Junkie's blog for 31st May 2016 was all about the series.

On 31st July 2016, at the Geolympix Mega event (GC5XXYY), the series won the National GeoCaching Award in the Best National Series category. Also, SadExploration won the Geocaching Junkie Award for Special Geocaching Achievement for beginning the Church Micro series.

We're listed at Geocaching Central on their GEO series page.

Church Micros at 15ľan interview with sadexploration was the Geocaching official blog entry for 19 December 2022.

Bookmark lists

Church Micros 1 to 999

Church Micros 1000 to 1999

Church Micros 2000 to 2999

Church Micros 3000 to 3999

Church Micros 4000 to 4999

Church Micros 5000 to 5999

Church Micros 6000 to 6999

Church Micros 7000 to 7999

Church Micros 8000 to 8999

Church Micros 9000 to 9999

Church Micros 10000 to 10999

Church Micros 11000 to 11999

Church Micros 12000 to 12999

Church Micros 13000 to 13999

Church Micros 14000 to 14999

Church Micros 15000 to 15999

Archived Church Micros List 1

Archived Church Micros List 2

Archived Church Micros List 3

Archived Church Micros List 4

Archived Church Micros List 5

Archived Church Micros List 6

Archived Church Micros List 7

Sister series


Church Micro IE 1 - St. Pius X, Templeogue was published on 27th November 2010 though it didn't last long, being archived on 30th July 2011 and immediately replaced with the much more durable Church Micro IE 1 - St. Pius X, Templeogue {Redux}. The Irish series is managed by THE_Chris.

As of June 2015 it does not have its own web page, nor any bookmark list, though I did find this GeoCaching Ireland forum thread.

As of January 2019 it has a bookmark list.


Church Micro BE CMB001 - Eke, Oude St-Amanduskerk was published on 7th Nov 2019, the 12th anniversary of the start of our series. It has its own web site and bookmark list.

Netherlands / Holland

Church Micro NL001 - Ede, Grote Kerk was published 12th Oct 2020. I've found this bookmark list. There is a page for requesting a number and the series is managed by Team Gewei.


The instigator, clubdelGPS, of the Spanish series has taken a different approach and invited owners of caches associated with churches to rename them and join the series. As such, the nominal first cache, Church Micro ES001 Iglesia de Arantzazu is by no means the oldest. There is a bookmark list.


Numberphilic 10: Church Micro was published 5th September 2019. As it stands, just a tribute to our own series but maybe the idea will catch on...?