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The home of GeoCaching is to be found at www.geocaching.com. If you want to learn more about this sport/pastime or join in, then that's the place to go.

Here's some headline statistics on how I'm getting on:-
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(The first is always accurate, the second can lag behind to a greater or lesser degree.)

Click here to see my full statistics. (As generated by Project-GC.)

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Caches I've hidden

As you can see from above, I've hidden a fair number of these. However, by far my favourites are my Amazing Adventure puzzle series.

Challenge Caches

Challenge caches started to become popular in 2010. Although they take the "?" icon (mystery/puzzle/unknown) the cache is (mostly) to be found at the published co-ordinates. However, in order to claim the cache, in addition to finding it, you must also meet the criteria laid down by cache owner. These can range from relatively straightforward to fiendishly difficult. My challenge page shows those caches that I've completed and much more.

Church Micros

Started by sadexploration this series has really caught people's imagination and it grows and grows. While I've added a number of caches to the series, including all of the churches in my own town, I regard my major contribution to be the provision and maintenance of the Church Micro Statistics page.

In 2011 I created the Church Micro award. (The above is mine.) It shows the number of Church Micro caches the person has found together with their rank and level.

Little Quest

Started by PopUpPirate this series is seriously challenging - requiring you to visit every county in England. Amazingly a fair number of people have completed it! Being mad about statisics (as you might of guessed by now) I also provide and maintain the Little Quest Statistics page.


Started by parmstro in April 2008, this is a series that, regretfully, has never taken off. Due to health issues, in January 2014, he passed care of this series over to me, together with all his caches in the series. See the series Home Page for further information.


Each of the counties of Surrey, Sussex, Hampshire and Kent run a monthly event and I do my best to keep the list up-to-date. All events are open to all cachers and you are all welcome.

Flatcoat Walker

Flatcoat Walker is one of the most prolific placers of caches in the area. If you are looking for a pleasant walk with a few straightforward caches along the route, then this is where to turn to. Here are some statistics.


Or Aluminium Alpha Numeric Disks to give then their full name. Used to set and solve puzzles. See here for further information.