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The Lesser Date Challenge

All finds for the 23rd of the month

Week day   Log entry Cache name Cache owner
Monday 23/03/2009 View Firtive Fumbling in full view. (sic) Eclimber
23/01/2012 View R e f l e c t i o n s Enchanted evening
Tuesday 23/11/2010 View Cricket Clubs in Surrey #2 tjapukai
23/08/2011 View Swimming in Chocolate! Sunnysider
Wednesday 23/12/2009 View Headley Cooperative - LO,RUBC? parmstro
Thursday 23/10/2008 View Master Blaster tjapukai
23/02/2012 View Unbaked Woking Wonders
23/02/2012 View Quiet Please! Woking Wonders
Friday 23/09/2011 View Sparkling Cache Ian Too
Saturday 23/06/2007 View A wee drop of red, Angus? parmstro
23/02/2008 View Worship Alboy
23/05/2009 View Cache Appeal Woking Wonders
23/04/2011 View Musical Mayhem Welsh Green
23/07/2011 View 48 65 78 prosniper
Sunday 23/03/2008 View Look Sharp 1 parmstro
23/03/2008 View Look Sharp 3 parmstro

And a few to spare for all but two days.