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A Reviewer Challenge
Reviewing the Reviewer Challenge Cache
A Heroic Challenge

As at July 2012 I had 19 different reviewers.

Reviewer   Log Cache name
Alba15 13/07/2011 View Church Micro #851...Hale - St John’s
Andalusite 31/07/2011 View Rogerstone St. John the Baptist -Church Micro 1217
Antheia 19/06/2012 View Church Micro 937...Northampton
Chiastolite 01/08/2011 View Church Micro 923.... Frampton Cotterell
dalesmanX 06/09/2011 View Church Micro 1271...Darlington, St Andrews
Deceangi 22/05/2008 View Church Micro 74...Southfleet
Eckington 10/10/2010 View Church Micro #850...East Worldham – St Mary’s
erik88l-r 28/11/2009 View Church Micro 264... Goudhurst
geoawareUK2 29/02/2012 View Earthquake! CM2180 ... St Mary's, Wivenhoe
geohatter 23/11/2010 View Church Micro 1445...Chiddingfold-Fourth Church
Graculus 16/08/2009 View Church Micro 217... Stanmer
La Lunatica 21/10/2011 View Church Micro 2113...Winkfield Row
Lactodorum 12/07/2011 View Church Micro 699: Sacombe, St Catherine
Lindinis 01/08/2011 View Church Micro 1504...Uley
Red Duster 20/06/2012 View Church Micro 1564...Cardington
Royal Oak 01/09/2011 View church micro1646 ST MICHAELS RENDHAM
Southerntrekker 19/06/2012 View CHURCH MICRO 1122 OLD WOLVERTON (Holy Trinity)
The Bee Keeper 04/04/2010 View Church Micro #650 ... Upminster
The Long Man 04/01/2012 View Church Micro 1122 Sheerness - Dockyard Church

As at 28th July 2014 I had 31:-