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QR Challenge

Decided to restrict myself to Church Micros, to words of 3 letters and to avoid obscure words. Just the 16 points here but I'm pretty certain I could get over 100 if I used all my caches, used all legal words and was prepared to do the research!

  GC code Log entry Cache name
GC1HEXM 19/10/2010 View Church Micro 358...Galleywood
GC2FARD 12/10/2010 View Church Micro 370 St Lawrence Blackmore
GC1PAXR 28/06/2011 View Church Micro 535 Marnhull Roman Catholic
GC1VDEN 01/08/2011 View Church Micro 766 - St. Swithun's Leonards Stanley
GC1XPOP 26/06/2011 View Church Micro 846 Langham (Dorset)
GC2FMAD 27/02/2011 View Church Micro 1364 St Phillips Nutley Lane
GC2HATR 09/11/2010 View Church Micro 1415 .....Bury
GC2PANY 29/03/2011 View Church Micro #1620...Sundridge