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The Jasmer Challenge

Completed in Denmark on Tuesday 15th October 2013.

In the earlier years there is often just the one cache for a month. Where there is a choice I've tried to pick one that was significant to me but in a number of cases the cache selection is pretty much random.

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Month   Log entry Cache name
May 11/08/2013 View GC12 5/12/2000
June 12/08/2013 View GC16 6/4/2000
July 11/08/2013 View Geocache 7/21/00
August 23/07/2013 View Match Stash
September 15/10/2013 View Kippers in the Jungle (Denmark's first)
October 11/08/2013 View Un-Original Stash
November 12/08/2013 View Hembre Ridge
December 08/09/2011 View Scotland's First

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Month   Log entry Cache name
January 12/07/2011 View View from Coombe Hill
February 21/10/2011 View The First in Wales
March 10/08/2013 View Old MacDonald
April 06/09/2011 View Angels View (Tyne & Wear)
May 06/09/2011 View Percy's Cross (Northumberland)
June 09/05/2011 View The Queens Oak
July 07/09/2011 View Reivers Revenge (Scottish Borders, Just!)
August 07/10/2011 View Florida comes to Findon
September 30/05/2008 View Costa Brava I (Ses Felugues)
October 06/09/2011 View Angels View View!!! (Tyne & Wear)
November 06/04/2007 View JAG001 : A Cache with a view
December 06/09/2011 View Kielder Skyspace (Northumberland)

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Month   Log entry Cache name
January 15/08/2011 View SP1
February 15/08/2011 View SP7
March 02/11/2010 View The Oracle Microcache (Reading)
April 18/06/2011 View Homewood Bound
May 12/02/2011 View Lookout Point
June 06/09/2011 View LQ: TYNE&WEAR - Rock around the Clockburn
July 15/09/2007 View Trescore and then
August 12/07/2011 View Forgotten Souls (Bucks)
September 30/09/2007 View Banstead Wood
October 01/08/2007 View Kew Gardens Virtual Cache
November 08/10/2009 View Overview (Kent)
December 12/07/2011 View Gravity Hill? (Bucks)

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Month   Log entry Cache name
January 12/07/2011 View Pulpit Sermon (Bucks)
February 12/07/2011 View HM3 - The Village Green (Herts)
March 16/08/2011 View The Palace of Westminster (Houses of Parliament)
April 18/06/2011 View Parabolic Flight
May 14/09/2007 View Stormy Weather
June 20/10/2011 View Agricultural Cathedral (Oxfordshire)
July 15/06/2011 View The Big Charter
August 01/06/2010 View Alte Cochemer Strasse
September 16/09/2007 View Preaching Post
October 04/02/2007 View West Hanger Wonder
November 05/11/2007 View In the shadow of the Tower
December 12/07/2011 View Remaining Ruins (1) - Magdalene's Chapel

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Month   Log entry Cache name
January 14/06/2011 View Virtually Pooh
February 17/08/2008 View Tilburstow Hill Trek
March 08/10/2009 View ZonePet2 - Silver Machine
April 15/09/2007 View Dinas Head
May 07/11/2007 View Buchan Country Park
June 27/04/2008 View Blue Streak II
July 15/08/2011 View Swinley Forest Rail Fence
August 08/10/2008 View Castell de Santa Àgueda
September 06/05/2007 View Check-in @ Hiromi's Atlantic airways
October 06/04/2007 View JAG-IN-A-BAG (COIN CACHE)
November 30/09/2007 View Reigate mini multi Ramble
December 17/02/2007 View The Priory

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Month   Log entry Cache name
January 14/01/2007 View BASHFUL
February 08/10/2009 View leaning on a the lamp post
March 24/03/2007 View Holmwood Bound
April 08/09/2007 View SECRET SQUIRREL
May 04/02/2007 View This Way, That Way, Somewhere Else
June 22/05/2008 View Shorne Wood Country Park
July 29/05/2007 View Un point sublime
August 17/02/2008 View The Pitch Series: Pitcher Amphora (Surrey Hills)
September 09/05/2011 View The Parrot Sketch
October 23/03/2009 View Babbling Beverley
November 22/03/2011 View Self-Guided Cache - Rodborough Common (Surrey)
December 31/08/2010 View Lunchbox 1

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Month   Log entry Cache name
January 12/08/2007 View Captain Slog
February 06/03/2008 View Dorking by Numbers: Milton Heath and Nower 2
March 08/03/2007 View 20,000 Leagues Under The Pub!
April 19/01/2008 View Alphabetti Spaghetti
May 25/10/2010 View Dorking's 3Ws: Westhumble Semiotic Cache
June 23/02/2008 View Worship
July 11/02/2007 View Muddled? Gin Can Mend! (7,3)
August 08/04/2008 View Dorking's 3Ws: The Wicked Witch of Westhumble
September 19/01/2008 View Brambler & Tjapukai's Caribbean Cruise Cache
October 27/07/2011 View Flatcoat Favourite Walks - The Red Road
November 28/12/2008 View I'll String You Along A Bit
December 30/10/2007 View By Sounds 3: Don't you want to go to Dorking?

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Month   Log entry Cache name
January 10/08/2008 View 'X' Marks The Spot IX - Village’s Sharp Man?
February 19/02/2007 View Dorking Word Search
March 26/03/2011 View THE BEAST 666
April 08/10/2009 View White Cliffs Earthcache (Kent)
May 25/02/2011 View Muggle Mayhem
June 29/01/2011 View The Winchester Geese
July 31/07/2007 View A Herculean Challenge
August 05/09/2011 View LQ:North Yorkshire - How Now Birk Brow
September 06/07/2010 View LQ:DERBYSHIRE - Riber View
October 09/09/2011 View LQ:Cumbria - Old Man's Bell
November 08/11/2007 View Church Micro 1...Earlswood
December 24/06/2008 View Church Micro 59...Dark Ghost Prowl

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Month   Log entry Cache name
January 09/02/2008 View Church Micro 40...Coldharbour
February 28/11/2009 View Church Micro 176 - Tudeley
March 15/03/2008 View Church Micro 16...Horley
April 13/12/2009 View Church Micro 244...Surbiton
May 10/03/2010 View Church Micro 266 - Chislet
June 17/03/2010 View Church Micro 164 - Rye Harbour
July 10/03/2010 View Church Micro...291 Bonnington.
August 13/12/2009 View Church Micro 305 Carshalton Baptist Church
September 19/10/2010 View Church Micro 323 St Marys Church, Great Baddow
October 04/04/2010 View Church Micro 345...Nevendon
November 08/10/2009 View Church Micro 383 - Ramsgate, St Laurence
December 04/04/2010 View Church Micro 382…Laindon

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Month   Log entry Cache name
January 28/06/2011 View Church Micro 453 Charlton Marshall
February 01/08/2011 View Church Micro 493...Thornbury, St Pauls
March 30/07/2011 View Church Micro 222...Norton Down
April 21/09/2010 View Church Micro 107... Latchingdon, Christch. (bonus)
May 31/07/2011 View Church Micro #667 Swansea - St. Joseph's Cathedral
June 01/08/2011 View Church Micro 765 - St Nicholas' Church, Hardwicke
July 28/06/2011 View Church Micro 790 Sturminster Marshall
August 19/10/2010 View Church Micro/Macro 831 - Little Totham Evangelical
September 10/03/2010 View Church Micro 890 Barham
October 13/07/2011 View Church Micro 919...St Mary The Virgin, Elvetham
November 28/06/2011 View Church Micro 948 Tarrant Hinton
December 10/03/2010 View Church Micro 915 St Mary’s In The Marsh

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Month   Log entry Cache name
January 13/02/2010 View Church Micro 1,000...Wherigo to Church
February 12/07/2011 View Church Micro 1013...Harpenden
March 06/07/2010 View Church Micro 1053 - Holbrook
April 11/10/2011 View Church Micro 1106... Marks Tey St Andrews
May 07/07/2010 View Church Micro 1167 Farnborough Kent
June 19/06/2010 View Church Micro 1234.... Reigate St Marks
July 06/09/2011 View Church Micro 1279 St Helen's, Kelloe
August 02/11/2010 View Church Micro 1238... Cove - St Christophers
September 09/11/2010 View Church Micro 1289.....Graffham
October 19/10/2010 View Church Micro 1399.. All Souls' CROCKENHILL
November 01/09/2011 View Church Micro 1488 - Washbrook
December 18/01/2011 View Church Micro 1511...Northchapel (A true Letterbox)

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Month   Log entry Cache name
January 30/08/2011 View Church Micro 1486 - Santon Downham
February 29/03/2011 View Church Micro 1614 - St Margaret's At Cliffe
March 31/0/2011 View Church Micro 1652...Norwich St Peters Methodist
April 24/05/2011 View Church Micro 1294...Chiddingfold-Catholic Church
May 30/07/2011 View Church Micro 1862 - All Saints, Middle Woodford
June 24/11/2011 View Church Micro 1908...Weston Patrick - St. Lawrence
July 14/09/2011 View Church Micro 2003...Sompting-Community
August 11/10/2011 View Church Micro 2070...Colchester-Holy Trinity
September 11/10/2011 View Church Micro - 2117 Colchester Camp Church
October 25/10/2011 View Church Micro 2098...Horndon on the Hill
November 22/11/2011 View Church Micro 2254...Outwood
December 14/12/2011 View Church Micro 2312…Copthorne Chapel

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Month   Log entry Cache name
January 03/01/2012 View Church Micro 2343 ... Selsdon, Latter-day Saints
February 27/02/2012 View Church Micro 2367...Thorpe-St. Marys
March 27/03/2012 View Church Micro 2573: Dartford Christ Church
April 01/05/2012 View Church Micro 2404...Shoreham-by-Sea - St Giles
May 14/08/2012 View Church Micro 2733...Bexley-St John the Evangelist
June 09/08/2012 View Church Micro No 2784 St Michael and All Angels
July 09/10/2012 View Church Micro 1694: Epping, St John the Baptist
August 16/10/2011 View Church Micro 2917...West Bergholt - St Marys
September 09/10/2011 View Church Micro 3022...Crouch End Hill
October 07/11/2011 View Church Micro 3059...The Sands
November 29/11/2011 View Church Micro 2965...Thames Ditton - St Nicholas
December 19/02/2013 View Church Micro 3036…Pycombe-C of Transfiguration

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Month   Log entry Cache name
January 26/06/2013 View Church Micro 3245…North Marden
February 02/08/2013 View Church Micro 3366…Holwell
March 23/04/2013 View Church Micro 870..Hartley-All Saints Church Centre
April 18/05/2013 View Church Micro 2821...South Street
May 21/05/2013 View Church Micro 3687…Welling – Greek Orthodox
June 10/10/2013 View Church Micro 3810…Tunbridge Wells-King Charles
July 07/11/2013 View Church Micro 3894 ... Erith
August 07/11/2013 View Church Micro 4157...Bromley-Baptist
September 04/02/2014 View Church Micro 4198…Reculver. (Erosion & protection)
October 30/10/2013 View Church Micro 97…Trottiscliffe
November 15/04/2014 View Church Micro 4636...Chislehurst - Christ Church
December 04/02/2014 View Church Micro 4755...Rainham - St Margaret

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Month   Log entry Cache name
January 08/04/2014 View Church Micro 5352 Burpham - Holy Spirit
February 15/04/2014 View Church Micro 5160...Swanscombe - All Saints
March 04/04/2014 View Church Micro 5391...West Molesey
April 23/07/2014 View Church Micro 5651...Chislehurst - St Patrick
May 18/06/2014 View Church Micro 5744...Bath - St Barnabas
June 29/07/2014 View Church Micro ~ Jasmer Challenge
July 13/01/2015 View Church Micro 5522...Thakeham
August 06/10/2016 View Church Micro 6250...Wimborne Minster
September 01/08/2015 View Church Micro 6244...Thorpe Bay
October 12/12/2014 View Church Micro 6623 ... Lancaster Priory
November 16/12/2014 View Church Micro 6809...Thatcham - St Mary
December 26/10/2016 View Church Micro 6950...Wattisham - St Nicholas

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