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Favorites Challenges

All these relate to the number of favorite points awarded to caches.

Most favorite points for each cache type

Note: you cannot add favorite points to any sort of event cache.

Fav   Log Entry Cache name
2246 17/08/2013 View Geocaching Headquarters
2154 11/08/2013 View Original Stash Tribute Plaque
928 17/08/2013 View HQGT: Ode to the Golgafrinchan Phone Workers
746 23/10/2014 View Magic Kingdom
484 17/08/2013 View HQGT: Geo Post Office
381 17/08/2014 View The heart of munich
361 16/08/2014 View Olympiaberg München_OLY#41
294 17/08/2013 View HQGT: Fremont Library
224 16/08/2014 View Speed Dating in München

Last updated 21st December 2014.

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