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& BBH Geocachers Challenge and TB destination

All found in the company of WhiteFriar.

    Log entry Cache name Cache owner
Caches found in order.
B 22/07/2012 View Banbury Cross WebCam
E 03/12/2013 View Ellie's Englemere Insomnia (AJNC #1).
D 18/03/2015 View Dummers Climb
S 24/05/2016 View SideTracked - Langley, revisited!
Caches of all different types (not traditional).
B 16/12/2014 View Basingstoke Trail
U 20/04/2013 View Ufton Nervet Moat and Fish Ponds
C 09/08/2012 View Church Micro No 2784 St Michael and All Angels
K 14/10/2014 View K Mystery 101 (Deaf as a post)
S 29/12/2013 View Stonehenge
Caches with all different owners.
H 15/08/2011 View H Uncle E
E 14/10/2014 View E Mystery 101 (Exclusive control) MrCryptic
R 04/03/2015 View Rise of the Planet of the Apes Mario McTavish
T 02/07/2013 View The "Half-Jasmer" Challenge! thebuttonmushroom
S 02/09/2014 View SideTracked - Hamble dinglefoot
Caches all found in the same year.
G 29/11/2015 View Geological Forensics 12 Foundation Stone
E 01/11/2015 View Esscafe's Gold
O 10/02/2015 View Old Beech
C 25/06/2015 View Church Micro 5618...Little Somborne
A 18/03/2015 View A farmer's dilemma
C 18/03/2015 View Church Micro 6100...Romsey Abbey
H 11/11/2015 View Hampshire Monthly Mid-Week Meet # 83
E 01/11/2015 View Esscafe's Last Cup of Coffee
R 18/03/2015 View Romsey Reverse
S 01/11/2015 View SideTracked - Petersfield Station

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