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Attributes Challenge

The attributes listed here should exactly match up with the ones listed here.

Most, but not all, attributes come in two favours. So a cache might specify that dogs are allowed, that dogs are not allowed or have nothing to say on the subject. As far as I can determine, none of the "Special" attributes are available in the UK (positive nor negative).

Challenges involving attributes:-

#1- Steaks Challenge-Attribute This (Needy,Oregon) (USA)

A Non Attribute Challenge (Ireland)

An Attribute Challenge (Ireland)

Please do contact me if you know of any more.

Positive        Negative


This section covers Permissions = Allowed, Conditions = Yes, Specials = Yes, Equipment = Required, Hazards = Present, Facilities = Yes.

Attribute Log entry Cache name
Permissions (Allowed)
Dogs 09/08/2012 View Avebury Stone Circle (Wilts)
Bicycles 20/06/2013 View Gorgeous
Motorcycles 18/02/2010 View Killer #4: Hung, Drawn and Quartered
Quads 21/10/2010 View Sidetracked - Witley
Off-Road Vehicles 08/06/2012 View TANAPA Tarangire NP
Snowmobiles 07/02/2009 View There's no F in Greece
Horses 19/01/2008 View Alphabetti Spaghetti
Campfires 13/06/2012 View Nungwi Turtles
Truck Driver/RV 15/08/2013 View Reappearing RR Smiles: Portland Streetcar
Conditions (Yes)
Recommended for Kids 13/02/2010 View Church Micro 1,000...Wherigo to Church
Takes Less Than an Hour 13/11/2008 View SideTracked - Dorking
Scenic View 15/06/2011 View Magna Carta
Significant Hike 07/12/2011 View A Long Walk
Difficult Climbing 09/02/2013 View Out with the Washing, Up with the Flag
May Require Wading 10/10/2011 View Follow the Water 3
May Require Swimming 18/09/2012 View Freshwater Bay - Smuggler's Passage
Available at All Times 18/04/2007 View Crazy Gang
Recommended at Night 25/02/2013 View Alien Trail - Night Cache
Available During Winter 06/12/2009 View My last puzzle
Stealth Required 26/06/2013 View Consecutive Church Micro Challenge
Needs Maintenance 18/05/2011 View Young Street Sculpture
Watch for Livestock 03/08/2013 View ALS 1 - Animal Letterbox Series Part 1
Field Puzzle 05/07/2012 View Crystals are Amazing !
Night Cache 19/02/2013 View The Nightcache Before Christmas
Park and Grab 27/02/2012 View Church Micro 2407 St Mary Magdalen, Ripley
Abandoned Structure 19/06/2012 View High Difficulty % Challenge
Short Hike (Less than 1km) 16/04/2012 View Joe's Treasure Trove
Medium Hike (1km-10km) 06/02/2013 View Sadex's Spire - AA1
Long Hike (+10km) 09/08/2011 View Humble Hike 50
Seasonal Access 16/08/2011 View The Palace of Westminster (Houses of Parliament)
Tourist Friendly 27/10/2012 View Cathedral View
Front Yard (Private Residence) 13/08/2013 View The UNEARTHlings' Lair
Teamwork Required 16/12/2012 View Shortheath Working Party CITO
Specials (Yes)
Lost And Found Tour    
Partnership Cache    
GeoTour Cache 17/08/2013 View HQGT: Troll Droppings
Equipment (Required)
Access or Parking Fee 10/04/2011 View Funny Money
Climbing Gear 26/03/2007 View THE BEAST 666
Boat 22/07/2012 View Swing Lower (Historic Site)
Scuba Gear 08/03/2007 View 20,000 Leagues Under The Pub!
Flashlight Required 20/06/2013 View Light at the end of the tunnel
UV Light Required 21/02/2012 View Leechpool Late - Night Bugs!
Snowshoes 03/12/2013 View Humans tire
Cross Country Skis 24/05/2011 View Test Cache
Special Tool Required 20/01/2011 View +
Wireless Beacon 30/10/2013 View Chirpy Chirpy - Cheep Cheep
Tree Climbing 27/08/2013 View Squirrel's Skylight
Hazards (Present)
Poisonous Plants 04/01/2012 View Church Micro 1906 - Boughton Under Blean
Dangerous Animals 14/09/2013 View View of Korcula
Ticks 15/10/2013 View Kippers in the Jungle (Denmark's first)
Abandoned Mines 09/09/2011 View LQ:Cumbria - Old Man's Bell
Cliff / Falling Rocks 18/09/2012 View Freshwater Bay - Smuggler's Passage
Hunting 16/11/2008 View 'X' Marks The Spot
Dangerous Area 22/08/2008 View Who Do You Think You Are Kidding Mr Hitler ?
Thorns 27/10/2010 View Westhumble Semiotic Resuscitator Cache
Facilities (Yes)
Wheelchair Accessible 17/08/2013 View 2013 Geocaching Block Party
Parking Available 09/10/2010 View Church Micro 913...Doddington
Public Transportation 31/07/2011 View Mega Wales 2011 (The UK's 4th Mega Event)
Drinking Water Nearby 18/06/2013 View Chalice Well
Public Restrooms Nearby 22/07/2012 View Banbury Cross WebCam
Telephone Nearby 14/03/2010 View The Eccleshall Tour
Picnic Tables Nearby 20/07/2008 View The Watts Gallery
Camping Available 23/07/2013 View Sweden's First Memorial
Stroller Accessible 10/08/2013 View The other side of the Falls
Fuel Nearby 04/09/2009 View LQ:DEVON - Axe Valley View
Food Nearby 23/01/2012 View Church Micro 2331 ... Rusper

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This section covers Permissions = Not Allowed, Conditions = No, Equipment = Not Required, Hazards = Not Present, Facilities = No. All the icons in this section have the red boundary and diagonal red line. Note: Not all positive attributes have a negative counterpart.

Attribute Log entry Cache name
Permissions (Not Allowed)
Dogs 01/08/2007 View Kew Gardens Virtual Cache
Dogs 03/04/2012 View The Pingo
Motorcycles 26/10/2009 View Killer #3: Grievous Bodily Harm
Quads 10/08/2008 View Southern Railway Control Centre
Off-Road Vehicles 20/06/2012 View Church Micro 1792 - Abbots Ripton
Snowmobiles 13/12/2009 View Church Micro 244...Surbiton
Horses 22/11/2011 View Nuts About Night Caching
Campfires 05/04/2008 View Felland Copse
Truck Driver/RV 08/11/2010 View To close for comfort
Conditions (No)
Recommended for Kids 02/04/2013 View M25 Junction 3 "Altitude" Challenge Cache
Takes Less Than an Hour 29/03/2011 View The Calendar Challenge
Scenic View 30/01/2013 View Round About the A3 - A T/B & G/C Hotel
Significant Hike 07/09/2012 View Church Micro 2828...Haselbech
Difficult Climbing 18/12/2007 View DUM Bonus Cache
Available at All Times 15/05/2013 View Darwin's Wormstone
Recommended at Night 25/03/2007 View Slither !
Available During Winter 10/08/2013 View Geocache
Stealth Required 10/12/2010 View Can you trace the chain of thought?
Field Puzzle 10/12/2013 View snowy's catzndogs
Night Cache 24/05/2011 View Church Micro 1294...Chiddingfold-Catholic Church
Park and Grab 29/05/2012 View Maldon Workhouse
Abandoned Structure 14/01/2013 View Denne Hill #2.5
Short Hike (Less than 1km) 10/12/2011 View Church Micro 2119 - St Pauls Crofton
Medium Hike (1km-10km) 31/07/2007 View Motorway Mayhem M25 J8 - A Room with a View
Long Hike (+10km) 28/11/2011 View Ootnai's Gnilkraps Idea
Seasonal Access 31/01/2013 View Magnetic Wood?
Tourist Friendly 26/03/2012 View Fictionalised 03: Kosh's cryptic encounter
Front Yard(Private Residence) 08/05/2012 View A Whale's Walk #2
Teamwork Required 05/06/2013 View Dizzy Heights - AA8
Equipment (Not Required)
Tree Climbing 08/05/2012 View REALLY SideTracked - Southwater
Hazards (Not Present)
Poisonous Plants 15/11/2011 View Church Micro 2084 Netherfield
Facilities (No)
Wheelchair Accessible 29/02/2012 View The Devil's Porridge
Parking Available 06/05/2012 View Zem the Mattress
Drinking Water Nearby 15/08/2013 View TWG: Water Science Visualised
Public Restrooms Nearby 08/10/2009 View LQ:KENT - Granny's Island
Telephone Nearby 02/07/2013 View The "Half-Jasmer" Challenge!
Picnic Tables Nearby 02/04/2013 View M25 Junction 3 "British Counties" Challenge Cache
Camping Available 11/09/2007 View Got a Light Boy? Eddystone Lighthouse
Stroller Accessible 11/05/2008 View Eckington Towers
Fuel Nearby 16/03/2011 View meg's hat
Food Nearby 12/04/2011 View Church Micro 1517....Southwick

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