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5x10x10=500 Challenge Cache!

12 counties and 6 cache types in the 9 days from 27th July to 4th August 2011.

  County Log Cache name
Avon 01/08/2011 View Church micro 618...St Peterís, Wapley
Dyfed 31/07/2011 View Church Micro #339 - Llandyfan
East Sussex 04/08/2011 View The Top Dog
Gloucestershire 01/08/2011 View Church Micro 770 - St Mary's, Berkeley
Gwent 31/07/2011 View Rogerstone St. John the Baptist -Church Micro 1217
Mid Glamorgan 31/07/2011 View Church Micro 1296: St Peter, Pentre, Rhondda Fawr
Somerset 30/07/2011 View Church Micro 222...Norton Down
South Glamorgan 31/07/2011 View Church Micro 1162 Llandaff Cathedral
Surrey 28/07/2011 View Surrey Mid Week Event #21
West Glamorgan 31/07/2011 View Mega Wales 2011 (The UK's 4th Mega Event)
West Sussex 27/07/2011 View Church Micro 2000...Turners Hill
Wiltshire 30/07/2011 View Church Micro 205...Great Durnford

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