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Solving Notes

This maze turned out to be much harder to solve than I had anticipated, so I've added these notes to tell you what to do, though that still leaves the 'how' for you to discover!

There are seven trolls in the maze and all of them need to be circumvented as each guards information you need. After dealing with each troll or group of trolls, make sure to collect the information they were guarding.

Deal with the five trolls at Q16, P18, S16, S18 and S20 first.

The first (or any) two need to be lured (together) to C22 and D22.

The next three to T22, U22 and V22 one at a time or two and one or one and two or, if you line them up just right, all three in one go.

The troll at H11 comes next.

And finally, the troll at G10.

The destination for both teleports is initially protected. It is essential to visit the destination and unprotect it as the teleport won't take you to a protected location and even a failed teleport counts against its usage, which as these as defined as "single use" has the effect of rendering them useless.