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To obtain the co-ordinates of the cache you will need to get the answers to most of these cryptic clues. (They are used to derive the passwords to the protected locations.) There are two ways to do this:-

  1. In the maze, guarded only by a stupid, slow, lumbering troll, are the co-ordinates of a location where I've hidden copies of the answers. The disadvantage of this option is of course that you need to make two trips before, hopefully, laying hands on the cache itself, though you may be able to avoid this. However, there are many other caches in the area.
  2. Alternatively, make yourself comfortable with a beverage of your choice and get solving. Note: The puzzle's 2 star grading is given for option 1. Depending on your skill in solving cryptic crosswords you will find this somewhat harder - 3 to 5 star (or even impossible!).