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You will need to have solved the following....

Puzzle 1

Alganon says to Brian "I have three friends, the product of their ages being 2450 and the sum twice your own age. How old are they?" Brian thinks a while and then points out that he has not sufficient information to solve the problem. At this Alganon gives him a further clue and assures him that he now has sufficient information to give the correct answer. The further clue is that Alganon is older than any of his friends. "Ah!" says Brian, "now I can give you your friends ages".

The answer must be entered as
a1 a2 a3 a4 a5
where a1 to a5 are the ages of the five characters in ascending order.
Note: Do not take this to preclude the possibility that two or more characters have the same age!

Puzzle 2

A pedestrian has to go from A to B and in so doing he also has to go round all eight circuits. He is not allowed to go over any part of a road twice, but he is allowed to arrive at the same point more than once.

This is of course trivially simple to do.
However, what I want know is in how many different ways it can be done.

Puzzle 3

What are the next three terms in this series?

80, 81, 90, 99, 100, 110, 120, 121

Enter answer with spaces between the three terms.

Puzzle 4

A rancher, finding himself well advanced in years, called his boys together and told them that he wished to divide his herds between them while he yet lived.

"Now, Aaron," he said to the eldest, "you may take as many cows as you think you could conveniently care for, and your wife Alice may have one ninth of all the cows left."

To the second son he said, "Bart, you may take the same number of cows that Aaron took, plus one extra cow because Aaron had the first pick. To your good wife, Becky, I will give one ninth of what will be left."

To the third son he made a similar statement. he was to take one cow more than the second son, and his wife was to have one ninth of those left. The same applied to the other sons. Each took one cow more than his next oldest brother, and each son's wife took one ninth of the remainder.

After the youngest son had taken his cows, there were none left for his wife. Then the rancher said: "Since horses are worth twice as much as cows, we will divide up my seven horses so that each family will own livestock of equal value."

The problem is to tell how many cows the rancher owned and how many sons he had.

Enter answer as number of cows, space, number of sons.

Puzzle 5

All four men start on the same side of a bridge. It is night, it is dark. There is one flashlight. A maximum of two people can cross at one time. Any party who crosses, either 1 or 2 people, must have the flashlight with them. The flashlight must be walked back and forth, it cannot be thrown, etc. Each person walks at a different speed. A pair must walk together at the rate of the slower man's pace:
Adam: 1 minute to cross
Brian: 2 minutes to cross
Colin: 5 minutes to cross
David: 10 minutes to cross
Find the quickest way to get all four men across the bridge with the secondary objective of getting David over as early as possible.

Enter your answer as:-
C1 C2 C3 etc.
Where C1, etc represent who’s in each crossing. If one person is making the crossing then just the initail letter of that person’s name is required. If two people are crossing then the initial letters of both names are required in alphabetical order.

Puzzle 6

At the local games evening, four lads were competing in the Scrabble and chess competitions. Liam beat Mark in chess, James came third and the 16 year old won. Liam came second in Scrabble, the 15 year old won, James beat the 18 year old and the 19 year old came third. Kevin is 3 years younger than Mark. The person who came last in chess, came third in Scrabble and only one lad got the same position in both games. Can you determine the ages of the lads and the positions in the two games?

Enter answer as four sets of four digits separated by spaces:-
**** **** **** ****
where the first two digits are the persons age, the third his position at at Scrabble and the fourth his position at chess. The four groups should be entered in the order James, Kevin, Liam, Mark.

Puzzle 7 (optional)

       •  •  • 
       •  •  • 
       •  •  • 
    •  •  •    
 •  •  •       

 •  •  •  •  • 

The above represents a long multiplication sum done the old way before calculators or computers. Two three digit numbers are multipled together to give a five digit product. Each of the digits 0-9 is used exactly twice.

The answer must be entered as
L1  L2  L6
i.e. the values for the first, second and last lines.