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Church Micro Miscellaneous

This is a place for anything that doesn't fit anywhere else!

Please contact me (BaSHful) if there's anything you think could be added here.

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Related caches

These are caches that are not Church Micros and are not Church Micro Challenges.

  Published Cache name Owner
14/09/2014 Church Micro Challenge Danes Hunter
29/09/2014 Another Church Micro Challenge Danes Hunter
07/07/2016 A church micro puzzle Trixie81
21/10/2016 I ♥ Church Micros 9th Anniversary Puzzle proftonks
06/11/2017 November 7th "That rings a bell" sadexploration

Related events

  Published Cache name Owner
08/11/2015 Church Micro Day Reflection cornish_piskey80
28/06/2016 SOS (Stoke or Stafford) #18 - Church Micros tangoA&J
05/11/2016 GIFF us a Church Micro Day Mardle eljoma
06/11/2016 Church Micro 9th Birthday Flash Mob titannia1
07/11/2016 I ♥ Church Micros The 9th Anniversary Event proftonks
07/11/2016 Church Micro 9th Anniversary - AfternoonTea Vicar misty's muskateers
14/03/2017 Church Micro Tourist Austin The Archivist

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Unofficial souvenirs

About a month before the 10th year anniversary we finally got around to producing official souvenirs. However, before that there were some unofficial ones. These are the ones I've been made aware of. My thanks to Richard Guest of PlasmaWave for doing the research.


By Jonny of The 3 J-Migos.


By Ken Saiger of Just-Us-Two.


By Garth Trudgill of Henry-Jones.

By Clive Foster-Reed of Kaarthuul.

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