Box World Instructions


Click anywhere on the Welcome page to start.

Select a game to play by typing in its number and pressing Return.

The game itself

The 'pusher' is the dark blue blob. It is moved by using the left / up / right / down arrow keys.

The smaller yellow blobs indicate the target locations to push the boxes too.

A box is coloured green when on a target, else red.

You can only push one box per move.

Press "U" to undo a move. (Maximum of 50 moves may be undone.)

Press "R" to reset to the starting position.

The object of the game is to get all the crates on to a target.

Press "C" to choose a different game.

Press "W" to return the welcome page.

Have fun!

Future enhancements

The game is planned, eventually, to have 100 levels.