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Little Quest Notes and Explanations and Stuff

Important - Please Read

I only deal with the statistics. Any other problem, e.g. a missing cache or a cache without the numbers in it, should be referred to the cache owner or, if they don't reply, to one of the below contacts.

I know there have been / are / will be issues with the series. Please stop contacting me about them - I can't help you.

That said, I will make one concession. If you have found all the feeder caches, i.e. you are showing 47 finds on the Statistics table, if you are missing numbers and have been unable to obtain them from any other source, contact me and I will email them to you.


PopUpPirate, the series owner, should be the guy to sort out issues but he can be very slow in responding to emails.

Y6GST (previously known as gaz_zippy) is a series supporter, is likely to give you a faster response and will try to get the issue addressed. However, there is no guarantee he will be successful.

The Facebook group Little Quest Geocaching (UK) was set "for those interested in the Little Quest (LQ) series". This is another place you can report issues. How effective the group will be in resolving these issues remains to be seen....


Welcome to my Little Quest statistics page! When I first created this page I'd no idea whether I'd ever finish but I did know that I was interested in how people were getting on. And I figured that if I was interested then so might other people and hence these pages. It is my intention to update it about once a week, though obviously this won't happen those weeks when I'm on holiday. I subsequently finished the quest on 27th December 2011 but intend to continue to compile the statistics.

Feedback is welcome. Thoughtful criticism and constructive suggestions will be responded to and may result in me changing/enhancing the page. No promises though! Please contact me through me profile BaSHful.

I no longer use pocket queries. Instead I use the GSAK "Refresh cache data" API to capture the last 30 logs. Unless the cache has been found more than 30 times since I last ran the API I should always capture all logs. However, if you notice that the statistics are not showing all your finds then please contact me and I will endeavour to sort it out. Again, no promises.


The 47 Counties

County GC code Cache(s) Status
Bedfordshire GC15D8N LQ:BEDFORDSHIRE - The Monmouth Way Archived
GC34NH5 LQ:BEDFORDSHIRE - Jackdaw Hill Current
Berkshire GC162DF LQ:BERKSHIRE - Waltham St.Lawrence Current
Bristol GC1645K LQ:BRISTOL - surprise IKB views Archived
GC2AE6W LQ:Bristol - Clifton Down Archived
GC4Y113 LQ:Bristol - Clifton Down II Current
Buckinghamshire GC15HMB LQ:BUCKINGHAMSHIRE - The Nether Side Current
Cambridgeshire GC158JH LQ:CAMBS - The Green Man Current
Cheshire GC159NN LQ:Cheshire - The Thelwall Eye Archived
GC1BRVA LQ: Cheshire - Sandstone Current
City of London GC150F1 LQ:CITY - St Botolphs Archived
GC1H861 LQ:CITY - Bazalgette's Bank Current
Cornwall GC15858 LQ:Cornwall - A Drink For Granny? Archived
GC47Z0J LQ:Cornwall C? Current
Cumbria GC170HY LQ:Cumbria - Old Man's Bell Current
Derbyshire GC15KQD LQ:DERBYSHIRE - Riber View Archived
GC7DN42 LQ:DERBYSHIRE - Matlock View Current
Devon GC1645B LQ:DEVON - Axe Valley View Current
Dorset GC155RE LQ:DORSET - Chesil View. Current
Durham GC15R14 LQ:DURHAM - Linger along the Lines (Lanchester) Archived
GC24GTZ LQ:DURHAM - Barnard Castle Archived
GCAGEEG LQ:DURHAM - Flass Vale Current
East Sussex GC179WY LQ:EAST SUSSEX - Chailey Common Archived
GC19WA9 LQ:EAST SUSSEX - Chailey Common (Mk 2) Current
East Yorkshire GC15BC9 LQ:EAST YORKSHIRE - Sledmere Current
Essex GC15349 LQ:ESSEX - West Wood Ho! Current
Gloucestershire GC154DB LQ:Gloucestershire - The Battle of Tewkesbury Current
Greater London GC17970 LQ:GTR LONDON - Wandsworth Park Archived
GC1V97T LQ:GTR LONDON - Oakwood Park Current
Greater Manchester GC159WY LQ:Gtr Manchester - King of Swing Current
Hampshire GC15A15 LQ:HANTS - Crossed Wires Current
Herefordshire GC15XTD LQ:HEREFORDSHIRE - Apples and Pears Current
Hertfordshire GC177F3 LQ:HERTFORDSHIRE - Lilly Who? Current
Kent GC15GTW LQ:KENT - Granny's Island Archived
GC8BE7V LQ:KENT - Castle View Current
Lancashire GC156CN LQ:LANCS - Hunter's View Current
Leicestershire GC165HW LQ: Leicestershire - RATAE CORIELTAVORVM Archived
GC4RVMY LQ: Leicestershire - RATAE CORIELTAVORVM Archived
GC5JW9F LQ: Leicestershire - Battlefield Current
Lincolnshire GC17K01 LQ:LINCS - The Witham Current
Merseyside GC17M5K LQ:Merseyside - Birkenhead Priory Current
Norfolk GC15K04 LQ:NORFOLK - Escape From The City Archived
GCA671J LQ:Norfolk - On The Way To The Woods! Current
North Yorkshire GC15FD7 LQ:North Yorkshire - How Now Birk Brow Current
Northamptonshire GC1549P LQ:NORTHAMPTONSHIRE - JACKS FORD Current
Northumberland GC15YRX LQ:NORTHUMBERLAND - Barrasford Park Current
Nottinghamshire GC150CW LQ:Nottinghamshire Current
Oxfordshire GC150E3 LQ:OXON - Garsington: St Mary Current
Rutland GC15J3D LQ:RUTLAND - Luffa's Ham Archived
GC9DD78 LQ:Rutland - Operation Chastise Current
South Yorkshire GC150CD LQ:South Yorkshire. Cusworth Hall Current
Staffordshire GC154YC LQ:Staffordshire - Ancient Oasis Current
Shropshire GC16NJG LQ: Shropshire - Lightspout Waterfall Current
Somerset GC15A1Z LQ: Somerset - Hyden Wood Archived
GC6TE7Y LQ: SOMERSET - Deer Leap Current
Suffolk GC16DYZ LQ:SUFFOLK - Stowed Away Archived
GC31M9T LQ:SUFFOLK - Lime Avenue Current
Surrey GC162DT LQ:SURREY - Hascombe Hill Fort Current
Tyne and Wear GC15DJB LQ:Tyne and Wear Archived
GC5FFA LQ: TYNE&WEAR - Rock around the Clockburn Current
Warwickshire GC15TMA LQ:WARWICKSHIRE -Percy's Bored. Current
West Yorkshire GC16Y8E LQ:W YORKS - Willmer Green Current
West Midlands GC1669A LQ:WEST MIDLANDS - The road to nowhere. Current
West Sussex GC15E5V LQ:West Sussex - Up Walderton Down Current
Wiltshire GC15CVJ LQ:WILTSHIRE - Science Museum Wroughton Current
Worcestershire GC15ABW LQ:WORCESTERSHIRE - Dunstall Castle View Current

Note: Current is not equivalent to "Active". A "Current" cache may be temporarily "Disabled" for any number of reasons.

The Final

When you have collected the information from the 47 feeder caches there's:-
GC154N9 LQ:FINAL - Little Quest Challenge

Unique finds

If you have done more than one cache for a county, as defined in the above table, then congratulations. However, it only counts as one. I.e. It's about how many different counties that you've found a Little Quest cache in. Similarly, should you log the same cache as found more than once (not that I think you would!) then it still only counts as one.

Cache owners

The owners of the LQ caches have a very slight advantage over the rest of us - they get counted as having found their own cache(s).

Finder ranking table sort order

The primary sort, as you would expect, is on number of unique finds in the series. Within each subset of people on the same number of finds I have sorted by the 'last find' date. I.e. You are ranked higher if the have achieved the same number of finds by an earlier date. If you achieved the same number of finds on the same date then the person who started later get the higher ranking on the grounds that they've achieved their finds quicker. If you're tied on all three criteria then I reckon you're working as a team! You'll be listed in reverse alphabetical order of finder name. However, you do get the same ranking.


Setting a Little Quest cache

This will only be required rarely, when an existing cache in the series is archived. The series Home page has instructions but they have never been revised and are now significantly out of date. Instead, please use these instructions.

Some Links

Little Quest creator PopUpPirate

Little Quest Home. Note: The instructions for setting a new cache are out of date.

Little Quest Checker Excel spreadsheet to check you have the correct codes. Also adds them up for you. Note: This version dated 30 Dec 2017 and is a copy of the one in the files secion of the facebook group (link below).

Little Quest Bookmark List maintained by PopUpPirate and not guaranteed to be up-to-date.

Little Quest database Bookmark List maintained by me (BaSHful) and guaranteed to exactly match the GSAK database used to generate the LQ statistics.

Little Quest Series Status

Setting a Little Quest cache. Note: Only required when an existing cache archived.

BaSHful's progress

Facebook group: Little Quest Geocaching (UK)

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LQ:RACER - Tyrolean Maid's Casino Geocoin

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