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South East area monthly events - Notes

This site is intentionally limited to the "official" monthly meets for the four counties of the South East corner of England. There are many other events in the South East - see below for some methods of locating them.

Each county has its own web page:-
Hampshire    Kent    Surrey    Sussex

Each county has its own way of organising its own events. However, we all have some things in common. All events must of course comply with the Groundspeak Guidelines. Any cacher may host an event and we would like to see different people do so. One particular reason for this is to ensure that the event moves to different parts of the county so that people who are unwilling or unable to travel far have an opportunity to attend one of the meets. Ideally each event web page will link to this micro site.

An event, once published, should never be cancelled. If, for any reason what-so-ever, the host can't make it there will always be other people to take over. In practise the meet will probably run perfectly well even if there isn't anyone specifically in charge! One exception would be a problem with the venue. If it is razed to the ground the day before the event then there might be cause for concern and a little headless chicken activity.

Maintenance of this micro site is my (BaSHful) responsibility. There is no need to specifically tell me when a new event is published, though it will speed up it's appearance in the calendar on the main page. Please notify me if you notice any errors, inaccurate information or have any suggestions for improving any of the web pages.

How to locate other events

These are the ways I can think of. If anyone can think of others then please let me know and I'll update this section.

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