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Festival of Puddings

This is an annual event, currently held on the last Sunday in June, started by my mother (Diana) sometime back in the last millennium and held every year since. Originally they were held at my mother's cottage in Handcross but, since she moved to sheltered accomodation in Horsham, there are now held at our house in Dorking.

The original intention was to celebrate traditional British puddings but over the years this has modified to accommodate more modern offerings and puddings oiginating from many different countries around the world. However, the traditional will always remain core.

In the beginning my mother provided all the puddings but this changed when the venue moved with Yvonne taking an increasing share of the preparation. For some years there had been a few contributions from other attendees but from 2013, with my mother's declining health, the event become much more co-operative with attendees being asked if they might contribute a pudding.

That all puddings be home made is the one inflexible criteria. Beyond that the choice is up to the contributor, though I maintain a web page (links below) to ensure there are no duplicates. We also only have only two ovens, so there are practical limitations as to how many hot puddings can be prepared.

These are puddings we've had in previous years

This and previous year's menus